Why Nepal

From close contact with the Nepalese people and through years of producing hand-knotted rugs, the founders of cc-tapis were able to learn from their business partners and associates and see first-hand the current social-economic situation in Nepal.

Nepal is a beautiful country with a rich historic and cultural wealth but it is a developing country and almost a third of it’s population live in poverty. Unfortunately many Nepalese children have limited access to educational opportunities. The Nepalese government has placed initiatives into effect such as the National Literacy campaign but there is still a huge population of children who are uneducated due to social prejudice and geographical restrictions.

To learn more about literacy levels in Nepal please follow the link to the official UNESCO page >>

Public schools are over-crowded and parents are often forced to pull their children from schools in order for them to help their families at home.
With your help, we can change this situation.